There’s Never Been a Better Time to Teach Yourself How to Properly Sharpen a Knife squib

Focusing on small, tedious tasks that you can teach yourself in your spare time can really help with stress relief. As the world leans on things like Animal Crossing, tending to  gardens, or taking up hobbies like coloring or needlepoint, we’re here to posit a different skill: knife sharpening. Keeping your knives sharp can help you cook better at home and feel more confident in the kitchen. You can learn to understand a blade and the weight of a knife to make better cuts. But that means you need to actually sharpen them.

What Is a Whetstone?

Yes, you could run your knives through an electric sharpener or a pull-through model, but  it’s never going to be the same as sharpening it by hand. The main tool you need, besides the knife, is a whetstone. What’s a whetstone? It’s a rectangular block that you scrape at an angle to help refine and straighten a blade. It basically acts like sandpaper as you slide your knife up it. I also just now realized that “whet” doesn’t mean wet but it means “sharpen.”  Go figure.

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