Daniel Radcliffe Has Guns Bolted to His Hands in New Movie Trailer for Guns Akimbo squib

Daniel Radcliffe looks like he could use a hand (or two) in the latest teaser for his upcoming action-comedy, Guns Akimbo.

Madman Films dropped the official trailer for the March-slated movie on Wednesday, giving viewers a glimpse at what happens when a violent video game quickly turns into reality.

The Harry Potter star, 30, plays Miles, a geeky video game developer and avid online troll whose comments on the popular death-match live stream, Skizm, lands him in the gaming frontlines for real.

In the clip, Radcliffe shares he “wanted to be a hero, but instead grew up to be a nobody,” as the trailer shows him laying on the couch with an oversized bendy straw in a soda.

But one night, after watching a live broadcast of Skizm, Miles trolls a dangerous crowd and has a rude awakening the next morning when he is attacked by hitmen behind the channel.

The men kick in the door and leave Miles with guns bolted into his hands and his first assignment — to kill Nix (Samara Weaving), the star and champion of Skizm.

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The remainder of the trailer watches as Miles struggles to do everyday tasks with his newfound gun hands, including opening doors and putting on his pants, while he sets out to try and defeat Nix.

“Don’t shoot me, I don’t want anything to do with this,” Radcliffe tells Weaving in the trailer. “These guys came to my house last night, they were making me fight.”

“But I have a plan, you can stop trying to kill me and kill Skizm,” he proposes. “You in?”

“Um … no,” Weaving replies before showing off her shooting skills.

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The film, written and directed by Jason Lei Howden, “foretells of a future that may soon await us: drone-captured live feeds, UFC-like competitions pushed to an extreme, and online streaming platforms used for gladiatorial entertainment all around the world,” according to the synopsis.

Guns Akimbo hits theaters March 5.

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